I have been up to lots of good lately. I have been working on my goals. Cullinary, fitness, well-being, and languages. It is definitley a challenge to fit all this in, but I am doing my best.

Maple Walnut BarI picked out this recipe to make from Saveur March 2011, but my friend Katie made it, because as usual when I throw parties, I am short on time. She helps me out often, in lots of ways. This dessert was one of the best bars I have ever had. Top Five.

Anne Gael at tapas partyAnne Gael brought shrimp to the tapas party, which I prepared with dried shallots, dried garlic and butter. Delicious.

Strawberry SauceI made this strawberry sauce to go with a packaged chocolate cake (yes, I made a packaged cake. Someone brought it to my tapas party. It was actually quite tasty.)

Poached Pears

My friend/client Vivien had me over for Raclette, a classic French dish consisting of melted cheese, potatoes, and cold cuts. The dessert was delectable.

So now you have seen much evidence of progress in my culinary goals. As far as fitness and my business, well-being, and languages, I will have to give you further evidence later. I must go to bed so I can train Viv at 7am!



3 thoughts on “progress

  1. Hi Honey,
    I am so proud of you!!!It all looks so good!!! You know you are perfect when you take time for yourself—like just goofing off. Love, Thelma

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