I love onion soup in Paris in the Springtime.

Oh how I have been loving Spring so far. It isn`t even officially here yet. But in Paris, le printemps has arrived, and with it, happiness! January and February have generally been difficult months for me mood wise, but especially since I move to, “the city of light”, which is not at all a proper name for Paris during the winter, during which it should be reffered to as, “the city of dreary wet darkness”. Throughout the past three long months, I sometimes forgot that the sun existed because the sky was a never-ending blanket of grey and smog. Not anymore! The skies are blue! (Not today, but much more often lately.) Here I am, celebrating the change in weather with Elise.

Elise and I in the loft which is where our bed is

Outside Clare`s apartment

It still looks very gray out in the above photo, but this was early, about 8.15am yesterday, as I was leaving Clare`s apartment, my first client of the day.

Avenue d`Italie, spring leaves

Avenue d`Italie, spring leaves

I`m still on the left bank at this point. In the next photo I am crossing the Seine to the right bank, where I live.

Boat in the Seine

In this photo you can see my street. It`s the one in the background, that looks like a little hill. In fact, my street is a hill, starting at the bottom of the hill and ending at the bottom on the other side. My building is at the top of the hill, so I can look down both ways out my window.

Still on my way home from Clare`s I saw a man in construction clothes on my street, sawing a mettle tube in half. I asked him if I took take a picture of what he was doing. He proceeded to explain to me that he was sawing something to make a silencer for his car. He showed me how these two parts go together.

Silencer for a car

Even the worker uniforms are different from in the US. More stylish perhaps?

Yesterday evening I completed the second of my culinary goals for the week, Onion Soup, from Bon Apétit March 2010.

Carmelising Onions

Flavors melding between Veg broth and caremelized onions

Onion soup, faux filet, asparagus with herb encrusted chèvre

This was a satisfying dinner. I recommend the soup for a dinner party. It is a bit labor intensive, but worth it. As Julia says, Happy Cooking!




3 thoughts on “I love onion soup in Paris in the Springtime.

  1. Yum, the onion soup looks and sounds wonderful!!!! I’m glad you finally have blue skies. I’ve been going to the beach two afternoons a week while Aubrey plays beach volley ball. Yesterday, we watched Kary play volley ball. Love and hugs to both of you. Thelmo

    • I hope to make the onion soup for you sometime in Paris. That is so nice you have been going to the beach. I`m jealous! Love and miss you. Kristin

  2. Those are really nice photos, especially the one of the boat and the one of you crossing over the bridge. Yay for spring! Whitney and I walked up and down Pearl Street in t-shirts this weekend and all the street performers were out. I think it maybe fully spring here, too.

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