Across the ocean

Well, as I`m sure you have all noticed, I`m not doing very well with this daily blogging thing. Maybe I will get better at it, maybe not. But I just hope I keep it up. So Let me tell you about last week.

At one point I made falafel from Bon Apétit March 2010. Wow, it was excellent.

Falafel balls before frying

Frying in vegetable oil

Falafel with arugula, hummus and corn tortilla

I bought some red plumbs from Africa. I had never seen these before and they were sweet and juicy. I finished that last two this morning.

African Plumbs

The weather is getting much nicer and a lot sunnier. It`s amazing how much better I feel psychologically when it isn`t dark and rainy all the time. The courtyard of our apartment building looks pretty with the plants that are turning green.

My courtyard

On the way home from my bank I noticed a man very carefully painting the word Café on a new restaurant. This struck me as very Parisian. I don`t remember ever seeing someone hand painting words on a restaurant in the US. I`m sure it happens, but this is an example of the French love of and respect for detail and beauty. C`est beaux ca.

Getting ready to open a new café

Finally blue skies

Michael`s tower

Paul, Eve and Elise are back from NY city. While Michael was babysitting he built a tower. Most toddlers would have knocked this down before it got this big. But Elise is mature for her age. Once the tower was completed Michael put a coat on Elise to protect her before she knocked it down.

On Friday I had a delicious lunch while hanging out with Elise and Michael at our place. We listened to a Paul Simon Album, The Rhythm of The Saints, to which we all danced. I like when the three of us hang out, I feel like it is a glimpse of our future with our own children.

Curry, ginger pumpkin soup, tuna salad, bread with chèvre and a delicious pinot gris from Alsace

Elise cooking

Now it`s Sunday and I have an entire day to relax. It feels good. I love Sundays, except, they are the times when I am usually the most homesick. Even though I love living in Paris, and I am truly going after my dreams, it is a real sacrifice to be so far away from my family and beautiful Boulder, all the things I grew up with that comfort me. I miss and love you guys!


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