Chèvre, Lemon-drops, and Rodin

It`s Thursday morning and I`m eating a bowl of oatmeal to which I added raisins, peanut butter, cinnamon, milk and honey. It is exquisite. I have school later today, from 11 to 1pm. It`s my first week at this school, CampusLangues. It`s more layed back than the Sorbonne, which is good for me because I need to have plenty of time to build my personal training business. I want to tell you about last weekend, which Michael started off by eating some chips out of a mug with a spoon.

This is a Michael classic

We went to a party Saturday night. The theme was, Anti-Capitalist Transatlantic. I made a caramel sauce that was meant to go with a apple cocktail. The mixture did not work out at all. So I ended up making lemon drop martinis, which people loved.

Before the party, I had two trainings. I rode the metro.

Some stations have these automatically closing and opening doors to enter the train.

After my last training I went to pick up some cheese at a nice dairy shop in the 19th.

Chevre with herbs

I came home on the train and snacked on this delicious cheese and ciabatta bread from one of my favorite Boulangeries, Eric Kayser, while making the caramel sauce.

So delicious

Michael and I rode the train back to the 19th for the party, where I failed to take any pictures because I was busy bar-tending. Also, I was very tired and didn`t feel like talking to people. I just wanted to hide out in the kitchen. I wasn`t a great party person that night, but I still had fun. Thank you Katie and Céline! They had a very nice buffet spread. My favorite part were Katie`s brownies. Oh my gosh, perfectly moist. I ate three.

The next morning Michael and I continued our Sunday tradition of pancakes. I made coconut buttermilk flapjacks. They were extremely fluffy and filling.

I`m cooking these, while Michael reads the hobbit outloud.

We had scheduled a date for Sunday, to go to the Rodin Museum because it is free the first Sunday of the month. It was sunny and mild outside. We started out on our walk to the Musée.

Cute Café on the way.








I really enjoyed walking that day. Michael is the best Parisian tourguide I know. He walks so much that he always take me on interesting streets.

Crossing to the left bank

At one point I made eye contact with a little dog, (a King Spaniel or something?) he looked at me so sweetly, I couldn`t resist him. I walked up to the man holding the leash, and said, Est-ce que je peux caresser ton chien?” He said I could pet him if I wanted to. The puppy`s name is Lou-lou and he is one-year-old.

He doesn`t really want me to hold him, but I insist, for the photo.

Come on Lou-lou, look at the camera

Good Boy Lou-lou! Lou-lou- " Aide-moi Papa."

We saw many amazing sculptures at the Museum. Everything there is Rodin`s work.

Done in bronze, Child with Young Mother, or something like that

Art people think this was inspried by Michelangelo`s "Sleeping Slave"

I liked this one, Michael thought it was strange looking.


Michael told me to take this one for Kim because she is such a beautiful dancer.

This is called fish woman

The Thinker lives in the Museum`s garden

On the way home we saw an interesting translation of the title of the American film, No Strings Attached

Street Art on the way home that I really like

It was a nice weekend together.


One thought on “Chèvre, Lemon-drops, and Rodin

  1. OH man, Sex Friends is a hilarious and accurate title for that movie. Also, I love everything you did over the weekend, especially the King Charles Spaniel, the Rodin dancer, and the Fish Woman! Woot!

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