International Potluck

Last Thursday was very fun, especially that night, because I had a potluck at my place with some of my new and older friends. In the early afternoon I had an appointment at the Préfecture de Police to renew my carte de séjour. This process entails showing them lots of paperwork. They look it over, then, in my case, generally tell me the paperwork is not sufficient and I need some other papers, (despite the fact that the papers I have were perfectly fine for their standards three months ago.) But I don`t get upset about it anymore, I just expect to have to come back multiple times. So, they rescheduled me for March 24th.

Next I went running. I was lookin good. Got lots of attention from homeless drunk men, and some not homeless men.

Later that afternoon I went shopping at Les Enfants Rouges, a chic covered market in my hood.

Little shop at the market

After buying the potluck ingredients I hopped on the metro with my chariot (rolling cart that carries my groceries. Mine is camouflage!) to go train a group of three lovely ladies on the left bank.

I really like this statue outside of Arts et Métiers metro entrance

I was so excited to finish the training and get home for the potluck. Around 7pm I started making African curry soup. The guests arrived at 8pm. We ate next door at Paul and Eve`s since they are out of town. I don`t think they would mind, otherwise I wouldn`t publish this. Love you guys!

À Table

We had some bread made by a Turkish woman that I bought that morning. The woman was on the street next to a large sidewalk market. She had two kinds of bread, fluffy and flat. We had the fluffy.

Katie, Michael, Natacha

Beautiful Anne-Gael

It was very fun. I look forward to our next meal together. Sometimes I feel like I live for dinner parties.


2 thoughts on “International Potluck

  1. I miss your dinner parties! Also, you ARE looking hot. Look at your pretty hair! Is that poster in your apartment from that hot waiter from my last dinner in Paris?

    • Hi Sissy,

      Thanks! I`m surprised my hair is pretty. It hasn`t been cut since Boulder! Yes it is that poster from hot waiter. I miss you being at my dinner parties!

      sissy pants

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