Nature in Paris

I got a cold on Tuesday, but thankfully it wasn`t a very bad one. I felt half way better by Wednesday.

I had a cold on Tuesday.

Breakfast-cornflakes with almonds and bananas

Lunch-Tofu, mushrooms, broccoli and quinoa

I had lunch and breakfast. Then Michael and I got ready to go on a walk up the Canal Saint Martin, one of my favorite places to exercise in Paris. It was sunny and chilly.

Along the canal

Café by the canal

Cute baby clothes boutique


Le Sacre Coeur seen from Stalingrad in the 19 ème

Flower blossoms are starting to appear in the city


I took the shot above during our walk. At this point we were close to the periphery of Paris, much of which is an eyesore. When I am in parts of Paris like this, I long for nature.

I would like to see many more gardens like this one, spread all over Paris. In a couple months this plot will be brimming with life.

We reached our destination which was a large community center in the 19ème. The following is a large carousel hand crafted by Parisian artists.

Wild Carousel

insects and a bull

This community center is called centquatre. Inside we found lots of people preparing for a large culinary exposition that would be starting the next day. There were hundreds of cookbooks in all different languages. The cover of this one is a photo of France that I`ve been seeing since I was a kid. It made me want to come to France.



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