Fudgy Walnut Brownies for a trying day

I used to not think Mondays were hard. I thought of them like any other day of the week and it seemed that it was 9 to 5 boring adults who made up this, “Oh, it`s Monday, boo hoo” thing. But lately, they have been less than easy. I don`t even work a normal schedule, such as, yesterday, Monday, I didn`t even work. But the day was hellish. Part of it is in my head, “It`s Monday, so I need to get serious and be bored again until next weekend.” What a unecessary thought. I`m going to think of a way to improve my Mondays. Any suggestions?

So I got up yesterday and finished off the granola with Michael. Then he left for the day with the camera. We are taking turns with it. But in order for me to agree with being separated from it all day, he let me take pictures of him!

Michael`s b-boy sitting stance

I did a hard-core body rock workout after he took off while listening to U2. The are between my chest and arms are still sore.  http://www.bodyrock.tv/2011/02/28/the-trainer-who-loved-me-workout-beating-personal-best/

After exercise I quickly ate my leftover italian sausage and shrimp pasta with freshly grated Asiago, then biked to my new business coaches apartment. She is a woman who s her own business in Paris for twenty-five years. She is from the US.  So far, all of her advice and support has been very helpful.

After our meeting I rode home in the bitter cold, with a darkening sky, not wearing enough clothes. I made brownies. Another recipe from Feb 2011 Bon Apétit. I had them for dinner, with red wine and then milk. Only try this dinner if you have had a very hard day and the thought of cleaning produce horrifies you. The recipe claimed that I would eat the entire pan, but I only ate half of it. I watched a movie, Scoop, while eating. It`s a Woody Allen film. Not one of his best works. Then I went to bed. Nest Monday I WILL feel better!


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