Italian Coffe on my induction stove

Yesterday was a lovely day. I had a nice, relaxing Sunday. I once again enjoyed my homemade granola for breakfast. Also, Since Eve and Paul are out-of-town, Michael and I get to use their stove-top Italian coffee maker each morning.


Delicious fair trade espresso


As you can see we have a two-burner induction stove which came with our apartment. Before I moved to Paris I thought induction stoves were rare and expensive, but they are very popular in Paris. Not sure how much they cost, but they boil water, or any other liquid faster than I can prepare a bowl of cereal with fruit. They just take a little getting used to. In my dream kitchen I will have one gas stove top and one induction.

After breakfast I worked on my blogs. I have another one at blog spot called, In Honor of My Life. It`s my life story. Eventually it will catch up with this blog and my whole existence will be recorded! I made phone calls to many family members in the U.S. I only managed to get a hold of my Grandma, Gigi and my sister, Kimberly. It was nice to talk with them, as usual. In the evening Michael got home from his long walk. One of his favorite things to do it walk all over Paris when he has a free day. We ate leftover pasta from yesterday and watched a movie called, The Blind Side, with Sandra Bullock. It`s a touching story. I recommend it. Then, we went to bed and slept well. Not an exciting day, but restful. I`m ready for the week.


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