Sisyphus is the name of a character in Greek mythology, and, it is also the name that my sister and I call each other. I chatted with her on Gmail yesterday, which reminded me how incredibly much I miss her and living close to her, like I used to, in Boulder, before moving to Paris.

We love rhinos.

Come back to Paris Kimmie!

I was telling her about my goal to open a gym or fitness studio in Paris, before I come to the States to open a second business. That is the tentative plan at least. I love living in Paris so much for many reasons, but one thing that keeps me here despite the lack of nature and abundance of gray skies, is that I am surrounded by French and other languages. I study Spanish and Italian as well. Living in Western Europe is a great way to be able to practice all three. One of my most important goals is to eventually have a home in Europe and one in the USA. That way I will be able to spend plenty of time with my family every year. I wish I could have my cake and eat it too, meaning Kimberly living in Paris, but, alas, she loves Boulder, and with good reason.

Yesterday morning I got up at 6am, prepared a training for one of my clients who lives across town, Clare, then I rode my bike through the dark Paris streets, it`s nice to have the streets more to my self at that hour, as fast as I could, was running late, to Clare`s flat. I made it in 16 minutes, my best time yet. We did a sweat dripping kickboxing workout plus some core work and stretching. I am very impressed with Clare`s fitness and willpower. Since she has started training with me, her fitness level and increased rapidly because she pushes herself so hard.

After our workout I rode home and went back to bed! For three hours, at the end of which I received a phone call from a new friend, Ariane, asking where I was. I had forgotten our lunch date at 12! She was very understanding. I rushed over to the 20th on line 3, only five stops from my place. She lives in an adorable neighborhood, unfortunately camera was at home charging. We dined on an exquisite vegetarian lasagna. The texture was delicate and the eggplant perfectly cooked. I had two huge helpings. Ariane and I talked for several hours and then I returned home. Since I had taken no pics all day I decided to share with you my bed and a poem.

A poem on the wall by our bed

Our cozy loft bed above the kitchen.


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