Rain on my roof

I like listening to the rain on the roof in my fourth/top floor apartment. I`ve been hearing it all day. Ever since I got home from my trainings.  This morning I rode over to Rue de Monge to train Nancy at 9.15 . She is an amzing woman, 65 years old and in better shape than most 30-year-olds. So I trained her and that was fun. Then I went to Vivien`s place at Place d`Alesia and had a training. Vivien just got back from a week of skiing so her legs were very tired, but she still pushed herself. She always does.

Vivien and Me

Then I went to get groceries at Biocoop and came home to see my cheri, Michael, who took this picture of me.


Me in my biking/training gear, returning home from a session with Nancy.

Next I made lunch for Michael and me. Then I studied French. After that, I needed nap. I went to sleep fantasizing about designing and sowing dolls and stuffed animals. I really do love those things. I eventually fell asleep listing to the rain on the roof. I woke up with a jump, about an hour later. I thought I was late for a training. I had to stop and think, calm myself down, and then realized that I had no more trainings. I started my Italian study while enjoying a cup of mint tea to warm me up. I feel cold getting out from under the covers after a nap.


I studied French and Italian today.










After studying I did yoga. I lit candles and put them all around the room. I played some calming music. I had a nice session, holding my headstand for 10 breaths, I usually loose my balance before that. During the last two breaths I actually relaxed, then I fell. After yoga, it was time to start working on din din. Here we have salmon filets cooked in olive oil, with a sauce of maple syrup, balsalmic, soy sauce and corn starch. The other items are baked potatoes with butter, chevre, mushrooms shallots, and fresh dill. We watched The Portrait of a Lady while eating. Now I will go to bed and listen to the rain that is still tap tapping on the roof.






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