Of Bread and ideas

I did not get enough sleep last night, 6 hours, I need at least 9. But never the less, my day started off well with a delicious bowl of peanut butter honey oatmeal and coffee with milk.


Oh yes, and what is that random piece of something on the table, a chocolate chip cookie, yes that was part of breakfast too.

After breakfast I went to my first training, my neighbor and landlord and friend, Eve. We did a half hour session in which we decided that her three training sessions a week are going to start being mostly Pilates in hopes of helping her chronic lower back pain. Next, a session in the 5th with Nancy. I rode Apache there. She gets parked many places in Paris, but Nancy`s is her favorite. It`s like she is is a nature sanctuary.

Apache`s favorite spot

She has even adapted her camoflage to this spot. She happily waits outside here, listening to the birds singing while I train Nancy.


Next I went home and waited for Katie to come over for lunch. We did the shopping together at Monoprix and stopped at a fairly good bakery close to chez moi to pick up a tradition, the best kind of baguette.

Cieling of boulangerie, (bakery).

We had chicken stir fry for lunch, Michael had tofu stir fry. It wasn`t that great, but was pretty.

Eating lunch

Chicken stir-fry


Paris, Du pain et des idées.

Vintage cookbook up close















One of the women working there actually arranged the bread in a special way before I took pictures of it.

Du Pain et Des Idées

Some of their goodies

We walked up the canal Saint Martin, one of the hippest areas in Paris. It was so pretty. A great place to picnic in warm weather.

Canal Saint Martin

Canal Saint Martin

Canal Saint Martin


Next Katie and I walked up the canal to go to my new French school so I could register for classes. It was a beautiful walk. We looked at one of my favorite boulangeries in

Canal Saint Martin


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