Yesterday was plain awful!

I`d like to let Annie explain how I feel today:
Yeah, so today is much better. I began my day with a kick-ass workout: I used Zuzana`s workout plus added in my own core, weight and jump rope training. It lasted one hour and I was dripping sweat. I really like when that happens, it means I am getting a great workout. I have been getting very into Zuzana`s workouts lately because I have been reading lots of info on the web which claims that workouts such as intervals which really shoot up the heart rate are more effective in overall calorie and fat burning throughout the day. Also, her workouts are a nice change. I`ve been working out at gyms since I was in my pre-teens and I am currently tired of pretty much every gym class offered at my club. One reason is because Paris is not as cutting edge with their fitness classes as is the US, in cities like Boulder, Colorado, where I lived before Paris. The classes here, except dance, seems to be at least five years behind. I get a better workout in my apartment. I felt good during my workout, and wonderful afterwards. Right after my workout.

View out of my apartment window.

Home Gym

Next I took a glorious shower, washed my hair; I love my beurre de karité shampoo, and got dressed. I felt like a million bucks. I set out to buy some groceries.

Across the street from my front door.

This arch used to be the border of Paris proper, long time ago.

Window shopping

My orgnaic grocery store

Produce Section, take that Whole Foods

Then I came home and made a delicious salad with tender winter greens, avocado, and a rice garbanzo bean mixture on top. Michael and I had miso soup on the side to fight off the damp Paris chill, and a mediocre organic french blonde ale. The French are not known for their beer. The lunch was satisfying.


I worked on the computer for a while, sending emails, and working on taking the next steps in building my training business. Finally, before dinner I made chocolate chip cookies. They are beautiful, chewy, caramely and crisp on the outside.

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