Darkness Everywhere

The sky in Paris is dark and gray today. I feel the same way in my heart. The day started off well. I made lemon-orange pancakes while Michael read, Death In The Afternoon, by Ernest Hemingway, out loud. We finished it today. It was a very looong book. I love to make pancakes on Sunday mornings. My new recipe is:

Making the pancakes, coffee and heating syrup

They turned out well, although I prefer them with just lemon zest, not lemon and orange. I did not add blueberries as the recipe says because I am not a big fan of frozen fruit and blueberries are not is season in France.

fake smile

Fluffy goodness

After breakfast the tide of the day began to turn. I tried to post on my blog. I couldn`t get the pictures to post right, I became very frustrated and never really recovered. It`s that time of the month. Later I went to my new friend Sandra`s place. I met her at Ragga dance class. She is originally from Mexico and has been living in Paris for 4 years.

Boulevard Saint Martin

Sandra spoke Spanish with me so I could practice. She has a beautiful yellow bedroom in the 11th arrondissement. Thanks Sandra!

Then I went home, still feeling no better. Today has been horrible. I hope tomorrow is better. Goodnight everyone.


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