Me In Paris.

I am starting this blog to share my life with the world, especially my sister, Kimberly. I think my life is pretty interesting. I hope you agree. Quick background, I moved to Paris, France with my husband, Michael in August 2009, in order to go to pastry school at L`École Superieure de Cuisine Francaise Gregoire Ferrandi. Sounds very fancy, doesn`t it? After the five month intensive course, which included classic French patisserie, bread-baking, drawing and wine and cheese pairing courses, each student usually does a three to six month stage (unpaid slave work).

Pastry Lab

My cute pastry lab outfit.

Michael and me

Piping Merinque on a Tart au Citron

First kitchen in Paris.

Micahael b-boying.

Pain au chocolat

Stages are an interesting concept, one works for free, doing mostly shit work, such as dishes and cleaning cracks and tiles, until proving oneself. The stage can also be used as the whipping boy/girl for the chef and his cronies. I have a lot of respect for those who are able to endure this kind of environment, thrive even. I however, am not one of them. I lasted one month at, Blé Sucré. All the yelling and harsh words easily penetrated my sensitive skin. I was soon tired of washing dishes, and one day, after one too many attacks from the sous chef, a Japanese female, who I am sure knows how to wield a Katana, I up and quit. I explained to the chef that I just wasn`t cut out for that kind of grueling work in his cigarette smoke infested basement, where eating was not allowed for me from 5.30 am to 2.30pm. He understood, and was probably relieved to get rid of me.

After my stage, I worked as a nanny/English teacher for awhile. Then, I started my own business selling pastries, American style donuts in particular. That business did not take off as I had hoped, and now I am a personal trainer. I work for myself training clients at their homes privately or in groups. I love living in Paris, even though the cold, gray winter is causing me to cocoon in my cozy apartment much more than usual. So, as I continue this blog, hopefully daily, I will be sharing with you my adventures in culinary art, fitness and other interesting, little known aspects of my existence. Until next time.


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